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B.A. Journalism


To create an intelligentsia which is socially responsible, ethically bound anddutifully committed to disseminate information with complete fairness, objectivity and accuracy.

The mission of the department is to provideeducation judiciously mixed with values and skills needed for students to excel in the industry. The syllabus, which is on par with premier institutes in the country, focuses on enriching and honing knowledge on fundamental concepts of journalism. With hands-on experience in various media like print, broadcast and newmedia, graduates are able to hit the ground running whether they enter the industry or institutions for advanced degrees. Uncompromising dedication to the principles of journalism has gained the department its niche amongst journalism schools in the country.


The syllabus is structured in such a way that the papers can be brought under three major categories. They are:


  • Reporting and Writing
  • Broadsheet
  • Print Journal
  • BusinessJournal
  • Political Tabloid
  • Online Journalism
  • Reporting for Radio
  • Reporting for Television
  • Photojournalism


  • Basics of Journalism
  • History of Press
  • Social Issues
  • Indian Constitution
  • Economic Issues
  • Current Affairs I and II
  • Media Law and Ethics
  • International Relations
  • Media and Society


  • Media Research
  • Specialisation (Development/sports/lifestyle)




Students with the able guidance of the faculty in-charge bring out the college newsletter, M.O.P. News,twice in a semester. This helps them acquire the newsroom experience of reporting, editing and layout designing.




“Ink,” the annual department journal,  is a compilation of the best journalistic stories ideated, reported, written, edited and  designed by students.  A “Best   article award” is given to the best story each year.



Students of journalism take up internships both in the print media and electronic media for not less than six weeks at the end of the first year and the second year.


DEPARTMENT CLUB: Present Tense Club

The Present Tense Club helps in enhancing practical knowledge of students through workshops, seminars, film festivals, and competitions. For club members, this is an invaluable exercise in planning, executing and managing events.

The USP of the department club is the extremely successful Box Speaker where students  from other departments are invited to debate on  current issues. The topics ranging from Representation of People’s Act to Right to privacy are fervently discussed.


Topic Resource Person
Trends in broadcast media Rahul Shivshankar,  Editor,        Times Now, New Delhi
International Relations Swagata Saha, Researcher , Calcutta
Establishing a career in international relations Ashwatha Babu, Alumna
Development stories


C S Koteeswaran, senior political reporter, Deccan Chronicle, Chennai


Importance of RTI in Journalism


Siddharth Prabhakar, reporter,Times of India, Chennai


Basics of new media Journalism


Vandhana, senior online editor,       DT Next, Chennai
Business Journalism Dr. Jayanthi Chandrashekar, freelance business journalist, Chennai
Photo Journalism workshop Jehroome A, Wanderers Media Works pvt. Ltd., Chennai
The weaponisation and victimisation of the factual mass media Dr. Stef Pukallus, Lecturer, University of Sheffield, UK


Higher studies in the department of Journalism, university of Sheffield Deeptha Sreedhar, Digital content specialsit, Appearition India Private Limited, Chennai


  • Anagha Natraj of III B.A. Journalism was selected by the U.S. Department of State to attend a short-study programme under the aegis of the Study of the U.S Institute for Student Leaders on Global Environmental Issues (SUSI) at Montana, U.S.A., from June-August 2017.
  • Kavya Sreekumar of III B.A. Journalism served as the Secretary General of the 2017-18 edition of the Model United Nations hosted by M.O.P. Vaishnav College for Women.
  • Kavya Sreekumar won the best outgoing student of the college award for 2018,
  • Kavya Sreekumar also won the best internship award for 2018.
  • Shruthi Siotia won the college award for her community service activities for 2018.
  • Yagna S won the best essay award for 2018.


  • Deeptha Sreedhar is Digital Content Specialist, Appearition India Private Limited, Chennai.
  • Chandra Ranganathan is journalist, Economic Times.
  • Preethi Ramamoorthy is senior editor, The Hindu online.
  • Anusha Parthasarthy is a senior journalist with The Hindu.
  • Priyanka Rajagopalan and Sanjan Gautam are content writers for Inception Business Services.
  • Divya Karthikeyan freelances for Firstpost.com.

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