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M.A. Public Policy

Program Overview

The Postgraduate Programme in Public Policy established in 2020 aims at providing a platform to train students in policymaking covering a wide range of issues, including Education, Health Care, Social Welfare, Climate and Environment, Urban Governance and Transportation, National Security, International Economics, Governance in India and Gender.

The programme prepares students for careers in Policymaking, Consultancy, Policy Analysis and Leadership Roles. The students are given intensive training to lead and manage public governance and the program also provides opportunities for collaborative research/projects on public issues.

This Course boasts an inclusive syllabus that focuses on the various aspects of governance, policy-making, and data analytics. The program has curated papers like Quantitative Analysis and Aptitude, Writing a Policy Brief and Policy Analysis and skill-based electives like Artificial Intelligence in Public Policy and Data Analytics using Open-source Technologies which offers the students multifaceted opportunities.

The program is offered in Shift I

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