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Entrepreneurship & Incubation Centre at M.O.P

Entrepreneurship & Incubation Centre at M.O.P

The Entrepreneurship Development cell of M.O.P. Vaishnav College is the neuron centre of all activities that pertain to creating entrepreneurial system and culture among the students. It act as an institutional mechanism for providing various services including:

Guest Lectures, Workshops and Seminars on Entrepreneurship

Training programmes for budding entrepreneurs

Arranging for field visits

Panel discussions and Open Forums

Research work

It also generates many opportunities for the students of the college to have hands on training and experience in business and promotes and nurtures the business ventures taken up by the students.

Incubation Centre

The Incubation Centre launched in the year 2019 trains students in idea generation and B – Plan preparation. The Incubation centre encourages and handholds budding student and alumna entrepreneurs. Business on campus practice school initiatives are conducted as a part of incubation on campus. Beyond Breads (Bakery), Impressionz (Stationery) and Akriti (Model Joint Stock Company) are businesses that have been incubated and operated on campus.
The registered students of the Incubation Center will be provided with a one-to-one mentoring session.

M.O.P Bazaar

The Ministry of Entrepreneurship Development organizes the annual student run M.O.P Bazaar. It is a platform for the students to showcase their entrepreneurial skills where the students of the college come together in teams to run their businesses for 2 days. The Bazaar is open to the public and sees a footfall of over 10,000.
In order to make the already exhilarating event even more exciting, the Bazaar is structured in the form of streets, each having a unique name, holding around 100 stalls run by around 300 students and alumni. A plethora of products ranging from art pieces, handicrafts, cosmetics, garments and footwear and food delicacies and sold at the Bazaar.

To inculcate the spirit of healthy competition and as a token of appreciation, the stall holders are given several opportunities to win awards. The following are the list of awards:

Best Stall Name Award

Best Retail Display Award

Most Innovative Products Award

Best Promotion Announcement Award

Most Eco-Friendly Stall Award

Most Innovative Packaging Award

Best Dressed Stall Owners Award

Best Food Stall

Social Media Winner / People’s Choice Award

Contact: Entrepreneurship & Incubation Centre

M.O.P. Vaishnav College for Women (Autonomous)

Chennai – 600 034.
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