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Student Cabinet

Student Cabinet

The Student Cabinet of the college is a platform for students to exhibit leadership skills and develop organizational capabilities. It provides an opportunity for the students to manage students’ affairs, intra-college and intercollegiate events. The offices of power instill in the students a sense of responsibility and leadership.

Each department is assigned a Ministry and the Minister and Deputy Ministers in charge of that portfolio are chosen from the same department. Under the Ministers are the Members of Parliament for each Ministry and they are selected from all three years of the department. The 39 member team is headed by the Prime Minister, along with two Deputy Prime Ministers. The team consists of 18 Ministers and 18 Deputy Ministers, who organize various activities in the college on a regular basis.

The student cabinet comprises Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister, 140 Members of Parliament are chosen from the student community. Regular Student Parliamentary sessions are held to review and redress issues relating to students.

The student cabinet also to access the work of their respective ministries and plan for the upcoming events. In organising events, the Ministers get hands on experience in writing a proposal, preparing a budget, planning with an eye for detail, co- coordinating with resource persons and students, preparing a report post the event to analyse the issues faced thus giving them a great opportunity to develop their managerial skills.

Ministries under the Student Cabinet

Ministry of Social Welfare

Ministry of Health and Hygiene

Ministry of Environment

Ministry of Youth Affairs

Ministry of Home Affairs

Ministry of Sports

Ministry of Cultural Affairs

Ministry of Communications

Ministry of Entrepreneurship

Events conducted include Ministry evets as well as college level events such as Abhilasha – Freshers’s Talent Hunt, Jhankar – Inter Departmental and Inter Collegiate Competitions, VISH – Vaishnav Initiative for Social Help.

Student Cabinet Election Procedure

The Prime Minister and the Deputy Prime Ministers are elected through a democratic election procedure. The students file their nominations for Prime Minister. The eligible candidates attend an interview before the Board of Student Cabinet Advisors chaired by the Principal. Five selected candidates run a campaign on campus where they interact with students about their action plan for the student’s community. 48 hours after the campaign ends students get to electronically vote for their Prime Minister. The candidate with the most number of votes is selected as Prime Minister.


Unique Contributions by the Student Cabinet

The Student Cabinet 2019-2020 came up with the idea of ‘Open Mic’ to give a platform for budding artists to display their talent.

Ministry of Entrepreneurship conducts the mega M.O.P Bazaar where the students and the alumni get an opportunity to display their entrepreneurial skills.

Ministry of Sports conducts State Level Athletic Meet for School Girls to identify and honour young sports talents in the State. The Ministry also takes pride in organizing VASPO, a National level inter-collegiate tournament for Basketball, Volleyball, Badminton, Throw ball and Table Tennis

Ministry of Youth Affairs conducts Ganesh Vandhan and Nand Mahotsav – A talent hunt for School students with song and dance competitions to celebrate the birth of Lord Ganesha and Lord Krishna.