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Alumni Association of MOPVC
My M.O.P… My Pride…

Registered Alumni Association

Alumni Association Team

Dr. Lalitha Balakrishnan


Dr. Vijaylakshmi M


Dr. Archna Prasad


Ms. C S Padmasini

College Nominee


Regular Alumni Meets are organized by the association to connect with the Alumni under one roof.

Outbound Meets are organized to make the reunion more exciting.

Each department has one alumna member on their Board Of Studies in which suggestions and improvements to the curriculum is shared.

Alumni interact with students and brief them on the current job requirements and necessary upgradation of skills through the ‘Alumni – Talk’ series.

Alumni Testimonials

“It all seems like yesterday when I walked into these same corridors, with dreamy eyes searching for comfort, eager mind ready to take on challenges and a pounding heart filled with excitement.
I can attribute much of my professional success to the skills I had gained at M.O.P, not only intellectually but also in terms of attitude and inspiration. Life at M.O.P was truly a transformative experience for me and the friendships I have made here continue to stand strong”

Ayshwarya Desikan
Vice President & Branch Head, HSBC Bank, Chennai

While selecting a graduate course or college to study one must keep in mind that just academics will not suffice in the real world. It is necessary to pick an institution that will help in bringing out an individual’s talent, skill and also a place that values extracurricular activities just as much as what books and classroom teaching can offer. That is what M.O.P. Vaishnav does. The college offers the most dynamic curriculum that focuses on innovative practical components that imparts the skills of taking path breaking career.

Mathangi Kumar
Chef Partner at Couch Potato Foods

“My five years in M.O.P studying electronic media and media management were the most exciting, enjoyable and enriching time in my life. It helped me realize my talents, potential and direction. I owe my growth and achievements to all the teachers who selflessly showered their love, held my hand and lead me forward. Those were years of joy, years of fun and helped me determine and design my goals and ways to reach them. Thank you M.O.P for everything!”

Chandni Natarajan
RJ/ Stage Performer

“There isn’t a possible day which passes by without me being thankful for what my Alma mater has made me who I am today. Live projects such as PR campaigns, events, and the cherry on the cake being a project called-Outlook is still a treasured memory. What started off as a passion for branding in my under-graduation turned out to be my career after post-graduation. Lending my voice for the college documentaries is an additional feather to my cap”

Manasvini Gopal