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Paramarsh Scheme

Paramarsh Scheme

In the year 2019 the college was identified as a Mentor Institution by the University Grants Commission for mentoring NAAC non-accredited institutions in Chennai under the banner of Paramarsh. The college has selected and is mentoring six institutions currently.

Under the Paramarsch Scheme the IQAC actively organizes several workshops for the faculty and students of the Mentee Institutions. It provides assistance to the mentee institutions in areas of :

Training of Faculty for proper processes, documentation and presentation

Sharing of knowledge and best practices

Opportunities for research collaboration and faculty development

The college organized the following programs for the mentee institutions

‘Campus to Corporate’ Workshop Series for the students of the Mentee Institutions were organized to guide them for workplace grooming

A one day FDP on ‘Research Skills’ was organized for the Faculty

A one day Virtual FDP on ‘Framing and attainment of POs, PSOs & COs for NAAC Requirement’