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M.O.P Community Radio 107.8

M.O.P Community Radio

Dr. Anurekha Thiyagarajan

Dr. Anurekha Thiyagarajan

Head Community Radio Station, MOP CRS 107.8, M.O.P.Vaishnav College for Women (Autonomous)

M.O.P. CRS 107.8 MHz FM
Our Radio… Our Community… Our Pride…

MOP CRS 16 Hours Package:
MOP CRS aims in giving ‘voice to the voiceless’ through shows like interviews, panel discussions, Vox-Pops, Jingles, Radio talk, Public Service Announcement and much more.

MOP CRS Outreach Programs:
Our main motto is to extend our arms to the communities nearby. CRS periodically conducts outreach programmes with the contribution of our student-volunteers to create awareness on various social issues, to name a few: Benefits of avoiding plastic, Hygiene awareness, Beach Cleaning, Save water, Planting Trees, Road safety, Women empowerment, Yoga, Climate Change awareness & so on.

MOP CRS Internship:
CRS offers Internship for Students of MOPVC from various departments. During the internship period students are exposed to Script Writing, Radio Jockeying, Radio programming, Sound recording, Audio editing to name a few.

MOP CRS Summer Camp:
CRS brings out the skills of budding entrepreneurs by conducting workshops on various skills like ‘handmade – paper craft – workshop’ for the less privileged school students during SUMMER. It also conducts ‘Fitness Workshops’ targeting the adolescent group.

MOP CRS Radio Club:
MOP CRS, to mark its Radio Club inauguration for each academic year, conducts “Radio Jockey Hunt” followed by “Radio Production Workshops” held within the college premises.

MOP CRS Radio Jockey Hunt:
CRS strives to bring out the hidden Radio Jockeys within the college. RJ Hunt is conducted to find the RJ’s within MOPVC. Students from various departments participate enthusiastically to exhibit their talents and are judged by prominent personalities from the media industry.

MOP CRS Radio Workshop:
The budding talents of MOPVC are exposed and are shaped through workshops on Radio programming and Radio Jockeying by popular personalities from various media fields.

MOP CRS Yearly Awards:
In order to encourage the extraordinary talents among radio club volunteers, CRS offers yearly Awards for various radio production categories such as Radio Programming, Radio Jockeying, Technical and CRS Outreach campaigns.

MOP CRS Achievements:
MOP CRS has marked its excellence in various competitions. To name a few MOP CRS has won a National Award for Community Radio Project on Alcohol Rehabilitation. It has also won the CEMCA Community Radio Video Challenge Award and many more.

MOP CRS Consultancy Projects:
MOP CRS has collaborated with various organisations like UNICEF, UNESCO, CRA, Poovulagin Nanbargal, Vigyan Prasar, SMART NGO, CEMCA, India Turns Pink and many more. Several government and non-government Consultancy Projects including Election Campaign, COVID Vaccine Hesitancy Campaign, Factshala(Say No To Fake News), Pledge for Good Health, Climate Literacy Campaign(ongoing), Ariviyal Palagai(ongoing),etc have been successfully conducted by MOP CRS.