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Our Approach

Our Approach

M.O.P. Vaishnav College for Women (Autonomous) is committed to the cause of empowering women through holistic education that would enrich their personality and groom them into academically proficient, self- reliant, motivated, creative, analytical, culturally rich, self-sustained, humane, responsible and confident individuals.

A student who enters the portals of M.O.P acquires more than a degree. She is

Trained to identify her hidden talents

Skillfully equipped to be economically independent

Aided in developing a holistic personality

Trained to become an effective communicator

Trained in the art of management

Nurtured as a leader with a social consciousness

The new approach to education through a shift in focus from mere ‘Qualification’ to ‘Education’ re-orients the students towards learning and action. The aim is to take education beyond classrooms. The intention is to chisel, mould and polish every student into a lustrous gem and a Complete Woman.


Some of the key features include:

Student Segmentation

Every student is individually groomed through student segmentation based on Learning ability, Personality, Communication skills, Talents, Career focus and Social consciousness

Beginning School

An intensive course for all the first-year students to enable them have a smooth transition from school to college and help them imbibe the learning culture of the institution

Innovative Teaching Methodology

Innovative Teaching Methodology such as Check in – Check out, Quiz, Case study, Guest Lectures, Role-play, Group Discussion, Brainstorming, Brain teasers, Audio Visual Presentation, Assignments, Class Seminars and Projects create an exciting learning environment

Technology-Integrated classrooms

The College has a conducive learning atmosphere that comprise the best and the latest in technology with 5 fully equipped computer labs, a fully automated library, a digital resource center with 24×7 Internet connectivity and state-of-the-art media labs. The campus television station of the college connects every smart classroom to the base station facilitating Audio-Visual Learning

Inter-Disciplinary Electives

The cafeteria approach enables students to choose courses from other disciplines in order to benefit from the synergy of an inter-disciplinary learning to it

Inter – Disciplinary Certificate Programme

Inter – Disciplinary Certificate Programmes that are aimed at developing soft skills, technical and domain-specific hard skills, inter-disciplinary skills and entrepreneurial skills


The College aims at creating “Job providers” rather than job seekers through a structured Entrepreneurship development programme. The Entrepreneur start-up pitch fest and business-on-campus, apart from skill-based workshops, help in moulding the student Entrepreneurs

Industry-Institution Interface

The College, in its constant endeavour to keep abreast with the latest trends, has an active interface with industry through guest lectures, colloquia, seminars. The college has collaborated with several organizations for exchange of expertise and human  resources

Soft Skills Training

Communication skills, Personality Development skills, Leadership and Management skills are imparted to all the students to make them employable


Every Department has a student club which serves as a healthy platform for intellectual interaction through various inter-collegiate and intramural competitions


Manoranjan- The Hobby club offers 17 different activity-based courses to provide students the opportunity to nurture hobbies and talents


The College publishes 27 student journals and one faculty research journal annually to provide opportunities to develop the journalistic skills

Workshops & Seminars

Interaction with experts in the various fields through International, National, State and Regional-level


The most integral part of education at M.O.P. Vaishnav College is the ‘Internship’. It enables the students to undergo an intensive 4-to-6-week practical training at leading industries and business organizations


Industry relevant MOOCs are offered to students through internationally renowned platforms like SWAYAM, edX and Coursera

Value Education

Refining the personality of the students by reinforcing in them, strong moral values and ethical awareness through community service projects, is special at M.O.P


Assembly on regular basis provides a platform for students to express and exchange ideas and views about different aspects of daily life and to share the achievements of the departments

Library Visits

In order to inculcate reading habit among the students, the College facilitates weekly visits to prominent libraries in the City

Fitness thorough Yoga and PT classes

In order to maintain the emotional, mental and physical health, the students are encouraged to attend PT classes and Yoga practice


The students are helped to overcome their psychological and emotional problems with the help of professional counselors

Finishing School

Pioneering effort of the college in grooming all final-year students for effective career and home management – it includes modules on work-life balance, professional ethics and etiquette, work and personal relationship management

Extra - Curricular Activities

The College provides adequate opportunities to display the innate talents of students in dance, music, debate, dramatics etc. through Intra and Inter- collegiate cultural festivals