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Student Cabinet

Like in any democracy, the government holds control to all affairs of all departments and portfolios. Typically so in MOP Viashnav College for Women. The government here too is “By the students. Of the students. For the students.”

The cabinet conducts lot of programmes and activities revolving around the student lives covering various aspects of talent exposure.

Abhilasha is a talent hunt for the freshers. This year, the Student Cabinet 2012-13, celebrated Abhilasha with the theme Chill out, through which each department was given one hangout place that they had to incorporate in their performances. Various events were part of this talent hunt which included music, dance and literary events.

The overall trophy was awarded to B. Sc. Electronic Media whose theme was the library. The first runner ups was awarded to B. Sc. Visual Communication, whose theme was the police station.

An overall cheering award was also awarded to the one team whose seniors encouraged them and cheered them on the most. This award also went to B. Sc. Electronic Media.

Jhankar and Intellegensia, an inter-collegiate cultural fest, organized by the college to help students channelize their creative energy towards carefully designed competitive events; it has been a tradition of the college since its early years. Over the years, Jhankar (previously known) has helped many students break out of their shell of inhibition and expose their talents to not only peer group but to an array of professionals and judges who are spectators to this show of talent.

M.O.P Vaishnav College for Women is committed to the goals of attracting and supporting top calibre women students in the areas of higher education.

123 GO! is an inter-collegiate business plan competition. This event is in response to the increasing need to anticipate change in society by bringing the reality of the economic world to the students. It is a forum for a student to research on every aspect of three particular industries, the opportunities that lie in it and come up with innovative ideas. It gives the students a platform to bring out their dormant talents.

A full-fledged two-day event has been crafted that includes food-oriented activities and workshops along¬side a mish-mash of cultural events – folklore, folk songs, folk tales and traditional music instruments — that will also propagate the same ideas.

They have, however, weaved in an interesting and relevant charity drive, Akshayapathram – a grain donation campaign. It is a charity drive that is not going to cease with the event. It will be an ongoing effort from our side to serve the community.

The forum serves as an interface between the have and have-nots and bridge the gap between the two,” says Usha. The first phase involves, acquiring grains from donors and provide them to homes that in dire need of them.

If you want to indulge in an exhaustive spread of scrumptious food, hone your culinary skills, engage in service to the community or simply soak in the folklore of yesteryears, then MOP Vaishnav is the place to be!

M.O.P Vaishnav College for Women continued its prestigious annual tradition of setting up a Blood Donation Camp for its students this year and this time it was held as a part of the Bi-Decennial Celebrations.

With the Ministry MPs and NSS Volunteers supporting the Lions Club Blood Bank officials, the camp continued throughout the day on a smooth pace. The donors who wished to continue donating blood were given Donor Cards, whereas the rest were given certificates to commend their effort to give it back to society. All were given mementos by the President of the Lions Club as a show of gratitude for their efforts.

The Ministry of Home Affairs, celebrates Indian Ethnicity through the Ethnic Day. Realising the importance of celebrating one’s origins and culture, the function is grand annual event. It is a ritual with full pomp and glory.

A debate on the motion – Traditional Indian practices are compatible with modernity followed by a round of shipwreck with a twist where the participants were given Indian Ethnic characters beginning from Jayalalitha, Stalin to Sita and a cow. Simultaneously we had a collage making competition on the theme “Indian Ethnicity as you see it” and the winners were awarded a personalised photo frame with their prize winning pictures in it.

In M.O.P. Vaishnav College for Women, Community service is an integral part of its existence and involves a varied range of community benefit activities, other than the customary form of donation. The college believes in imbibing a sense of social citizenship among the students. The Ministry of Social welfare is keen on providing a platform for the under privileged children for gaining quality knowledge and give them confidence to compete with the rest of the society. A team comprising of ever-supportive staff and creative, capable and enthusiastic students is ready for the call of the needy, may it be the illiterate, the down-trodden, emotionally challenged women and children or the environment at large.

Vriksh Daan is an initiative to plant trees to create a greener environment. Trees are the only portion of community infrastructure that actually appreciate in value. Planting saplings in places like schools, colleges and church are part of the initiative.

Vaishnav Initiative for Social Help , M.O.P Vaishnav’s annual fund raiser event was help as a 3 day celebration at the college premises on 15th ,16th and 17th February,2013.

DAY 1 – Movie Screening
Movies were screened on the first day (15th February, 2013) to the students.

DAY 2 – VISH Concert
The event kick started with an invocatory song by Ms. Sashwathi Jagadeesh, alumni, M.O.P Vaishnav College for Women after which she performed for a few famous Tamil numbers. This was followed by the duo of Ms.Bhargavi and Ms.Deepa who engaged the audience with their mesmerizing voices. Ms.Manaswini and Ms.Vishnupriya, currently studying at M.O.P Vaishnav raised the audience spirits with recent fast numbers from Tamil and Hindi films.

To end with Ms.Krithika, Ms.Kamalaja and Ms.Anahita from M.O.P Vaishnav enthralled the audience with soul soothing melodies. It was a perfect musical treat to everyone present at M.O.P Vaishnav College on 16th February, 2013.

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