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M.A. Communication

M.A. Communication is a professional  broad based course which offers an in-depth study into the nuances of Journalism , Advertising, Broadcast, Cinema and  New Media; thereby providing an unique opportunity to step into any field of their choice.

The two-year M.A. Communication program started in the year 1997 is aimed at delivering an insight into the various facets of Communication. The Course is focused at delivering an exhaustive study into the intricacies of the mesmerizing silver screen, the penetrating print and broadcast Journalism, the dynamic world of advertising, challenging corporate sector and the all-encompassing WWW.

Communication today is the key, the link, the portal to the information superhighway. The global village is a vast sea of unsolved mysteries – our Communication Department gives the answers!


  • To educate students on the multifarious dimensions to communication as a field of study and as a challenging, skill based, dynamic profession.
  • To train students in the art and skill of journalistic reporting and writing.
  • To hone the creativity of students to meet the dynamics of advertising and film making industries.
  • To orient and train students to communication research.
  • To train and equip students to excel as socially conscious media makers.


The course comprises four semesters of two year duration.

• An entrance test will be conducted for the students to assess their knowledge on Media and Current Affairs.
• Students will be tested for their creative, analytical and basic skills in writing.
• Based on the results of the entrance test, a Group Discussion is conducted, after which candidates are short listed for the interview.
• The interview decides the final selection of the candidates.

With the aim of creating competent and competitive media professionals, the course places great emphasis on realities of the market. The course is highly project-centered and it is firmly grounded in practice at every stage during the learning process of the student. With wide range of theoretical and practical subjects, the course aims to make students more professional and compatible with the medium.

The course offers a comprehensive.training program covering areas like:

  • Communication Theories
  • Journalistic Skills
  • Public Relations and Corporate Communication
  • Communication Psychology
  • Photography
  • Development Communication
  • Media Management
  • Advertising
  • Social Media Communication
  • Audio-Visual Production
  • Information and Communication Technologies
  • Communication Research Methods
  • Film Studies
  • Radio Production
  • Appreciation and Analysis of Media


The college believes in giving equal weightage to the theoretical and application skills of the students. The curriculum is formulated in such a way that it provides the students the scope of coming up with live projects.


It starts with a 15 day live beat coverage leading to real life reports on various important beats like politics, business, cinema, sports, entertainment and lifestyle. All the reports are processed and brought out in the form of a regular newspaper.


To kindle and unleash the creative and writing skills of the students, the Department has made it mandatory for the students to come up with a 50-page Journal. An in-depth analysis and research is done for formulating every article. The On-line journal is an adaptation of the print journal. Here the students are trained to design the layout with the latest software, which familiarizes the students in Web Publishing.


Realizing the growing need and demand for advertising, the course offers live ad strategizing and Campaign execution for the students.

By creating this strategy the students get hands on experience in various aspects of advertising including Conceptualizing, Client servicing, Visualizing, and Copywriting, Media planning, Scheduling and Advertising research.


The students gain professional insight into process and techniques of filmmaking. The course covers all aspects of the production process like Scripting, Editing, Camera Techniques, Lighting, Sound mixing and dubbing. Production execution can be in the form of docu-drama, documentary or short films or Music Video.


Students are expected to do a detailed in-depth study in the areas of communication and related fields and come out with a dissertation, a professional research document which helps the students in pursuing higher studies.


This program is designed to provide the students a platform to organize and execute a live project. ‘Voices ’is a unique and exciting project undertaken by our students on varied  social issues reaching people across all city colleges and communities. The students organize a weeklong event comprising of lectures, Demonstrations, Panel Discussions, workshops, rally etc.This challenging assignment involves planning, organizing, and executing the campaign.


  • Guest lectures and Industry interface to enlighten the students about the industry along with valuable theoretical knowledge.
  • Seminars and Workshops are organized with a view to contribute to better understanding of technology and aesthetics of media.
  • Field visits to print organizations, T.V. studios, radio studios and multimedia houses.
  • Film making and Animation Workshops- The department in collaboration with Vancouver Film School (VFS), Canada organizes Filmmaking and Animation Workshops every year.
  • MOP CRS 107.8 MHz – the College is the only self financed institution throughout the country to have been granted the license to operate a community radio. Students will get hands on experience in generating radio content and in managing the station.
  • Internship-Students have to complete two internships during the course. The first internship for a period of 4-6 weeks has to be done in the Print media and the second internship for a period of 8-10 weeks can be undergone in Print media, Radio, Television, New Media Organizations, Production house, Film industry, Advertising Agency, PR and Corporate Communication etc.Some prominent organizations our students have interned in are WORLD BANK, UNESCO, JWT, O&M, PIXELKRAFT, CTS, THE HINDU, THE TIMES OF INDIA, THE NEW INDIAN EXPRESS, NDTV, RADIO ONE, ADLABS, RADAAN, SIFY, CHENNAI ONLINE.


The Journal of the Post Graduate Departments, Cynosure, is a compilation of articles by students on topics related to Communication and Media like Trends in media, Advertising, Cinema and New media technologies.


  • The department is fully equipped with professional inbuilt air-conditioned Digital Studio along with
  • Camera and Light unit
  • Dubbing facilities
  • Shooting Floor
  • Green Matte Studio
  • Additional accessories like zoom lenses, flash, light meters etc are also provided. A complete backdrop and tabletop set up is also in use. This will enable the students to gain mastery in Television Production.
  • The department has a spacious centrally air-conditioned sound proofed shooting floor that is constructed on an area of 750 square feet. In addition to this, a centrally air-conditioned Digital Edit Suite (450 square feet) is also provided to the students.
  • Air conditioned Photography Lab
  • 100 network computers with latest Design and Animation software to train students in publication and advertisement designing.
  • State-of-Art audio visual aids.
  • Air-conditioned screening theatre.
  • Fully computerized virtual library with the latest collection of Media books, Journals and Publications.
  • FM Community Radio Station with transmission facilities.
  • Smart classrooms equipped with audio- visual facilities.


Communication is recognized as a course that is career oriented and has excellent job prospects today. The course is the route to creativity in both thinking and writing, offering practical experience. Students have tremendous opportunity to find placements in various television channels, advertising agencies, publication designing, websites and   multi- media production, photography, journalism and corporate communication. The department has an impressive record of job placements. Apart from exploring media opportunities, students can also pursue higher education globally.

The program aims at building media smart individuals who can fit into the working of Media and media related fields like:


  • Copywriter
  • Client service executive
  • Media Planners
  • Visualizer
  • Graphic designers etc.


  • Editor, Reporter – Print media
  • Editor, Reporter – Broadcast
  • Editor, Reporter – Online news sites
  • Lay out designer
  • Photo journalist
  • Feature Writer


  • Script writer
  • Cinematographer
  • Producer
  • Director
  • Programmer
  • Concept Generator


  • Public Relations Executives
  • Corporate communication Executives
  • Media Relations Expert


Over the past few years our students have been placed in highly esteemed organizations in the State and Country. Some of the organizations are:

  • World Bank
  • The Hindu
  • New Indian Express
  • Helios and Matheson
  • Lester Technology
  • Infosys
  • Cognizant Technology Solutions
  • 20:20 Media
  • Polaris
  • Vijay TV
  • K.Swamy
  • Lowe Lintas
  • Rediffusion
  • DD
  • Sun TV

The students emerge as smart, capable media professionals who can handle any media challenge with stupendous confidence. The wide spectrum of subjects covered in the two years by experienced faculty and practicing professionals give the students the correct blend of theoretical knowledge and practical application, the right combination to make the students a force to reckon with.

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