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baInstitute ID: IR-1-C-C-C-43917

Full Report

Sanctioned (Approved) Intake
Academic Year 2016-17 2015-16 2014-15 2013-14 2012-13 2011-12
UG [3 Years Program(s)] 1056 1007 991 --- --- ---
PG [2 Years Program(s)] 266 297 --- --- --- ---
Total Actual Student Strength (Program(s) Offered by Your Institution)
(All programs of all years) No. of Male Students No. of Female Students Total Students Within State (Including male & female) Outside State (Including male & female) Outside Country (Including male & female) Economically Backward (Including male & female) Socially Challenged (SC+ST+OBC Including male & female) No. of students receiving Freeships / Scholarships from the State and Central Government No. of students receiving Freeships / Scholarships from Institution Funds No. of students receiving Freeships / Scholarships from the Private Bodies No. of students who are not receiving any Freeships / Scholarships
UG [3 Years Program(s)] 0 3000 3000 2943 48 9 2029 318 36 127 83 2101
PG [2 Years Program(s)] 0 465 465 444 20 1 273 78 0 22 0 329
Placement & Higher Studies

UG [3 Years Program(s)]: Placement & higher studies for previous 3 years

Academic Year No. of first year students intake in the year No. of first year students admitted in the year Academic Year No. of students admitted through Lateral entry Academic Year No. of students graduating in minimum stipulated time No. of students placed Median salary of placed graduates (Amount in Rs.) No. of students selected for Higher Studies
(2012-13) 996 966 (2013-14) 3 (2014-15) 868 232 226222 (Two Lakhs Twenty Six Thousand Two Hundred and Twen) 127
(2013-14) 990 960 (2014-15) 6 (2015-16) 868 302 237931 (Two Lakhs Thirty Seven Thousand Nine Hundred and T) 91
(2014-15) 991 990 (2015-16) 8 (2016-17) 922 265 252767 (Two Lakhs Fifty Two Thousand Seven Hundred and Six) 246

PG [2 Years Program(s)]: Placement & higher studies for previous 3 years

Academic Year No. of first year students intake in the year No. of first year students admitted in the year Academic Year No. of students graduating in minimum stipulated time No. of students placed Median salary of placed graduates (Amount in Rs.) No. of students selected for Higher Studies
(2013-14) 232 179 (2014-15) 160 10 226222 (Two Lakhs Twenty Six Thousand Two Hundred and Twen) 2
(2014-15) 232 153 (2015-16) 138 12 237931 (Two Lakhs Thirty Seven Thousand Nine Hundred and T) 1
(2015-16) 297 225 (2016-17) 205 56 252767 (Two Lakhs Fifty Two Thousand Seven Hundred and Six) 2

Financial Resources: Utilised Amount for the Capital & Operational expenditure for previous 3 years
Financial Year 2016-17 2015-16 2014-15
Utilised Amount Utilised Amount Utilised Amount
Annual Capital Expenditure on Academic Activities and Resources (excluding expenditure on buildings)
Library 307624 (Three lakhs Seven Thousand Six Hundred and Twenty Four only) 196501 (One Lakh Ninety Six Thousand Five Hundred and One only) 386461 (Three Lakhs Eighty Six Thousand Four Hundred and Sixty One only)
New Equipment for Laboratories 4110755 (Forty One Lakhs Ten Thousand Seven Hundred and Fifty Five only) 5238232 (Fifty Two Lakhs Thirty Eight Thousand Two Hundred and Thirty Two only) 9697238 (Ninety Six Lakhs Ninety Seven Thousand Two Hundred and Thirty Eight only)
Engineering Workshops 0 (zero) 0 (zero) 0 (zero)
Studios 490001 (Four Lakhs Ninety Thousand and one only) 1245118 (Twelve Lakhs Forty Five Thousand One Hundred and Eighteen only) 802394 (Eight Lakhs Two Thousand Three Hundred and Ninety Four only)
Other expenditure on creation of Capital Assets (excluding expenditure on Land and Building) 4475578 (Forty Four Lakhs Seventy Five Thousand Five Hundred and Seventy Eight only) 4992306 (Forty Nine Lakhs Ninety Two Thousand Three Hundred and Six only) 6175589 (Sixty One Lakhs Seventy Five Thousand Five Hundred and Eighty Nine only)
Annual Operational Expenditure
Salaries (Teaching and Non Teaching staff) 64199785 (Six Crores Forty One Lakhs Ninety Nine Thousand Seven Hundred and Eighty Five only) 59915980 (Five Crores Ninety Nine Lakhs Fifteen Thousand Nine Hundred and Eighty only) 52746556 (Five Crores Twenty Seven Lakhs Forty Six Thousand Five Hundred and Fifty Six only)
Maintenance of Academic Infrastructure or consumables, other running expenditures etc. (excluding maintenance of hostels and allied services) 23467017 (Two Crores Thirty Four Lakhs Sixty Seven Thousand and Seventeen only) 39639044 (Three Crores Ninety Six Lakhs Thirty Nine Thousand and Forty Four only) 22364420 (Two Crores Twenty Three Lakhs Sixty Four Thousand Four Hundred and Twenty only)
Seminars/Conferences/Workshops 7949755 (Seventy Nine Lakhs Forty Nine Thousand Seven hundred and Fifty Five only) 5295577 (Fifty Two Lakhs Ninety Five Thousand Five Hundred and Seventy Seven only) 7258130 (Seventy Two Lakhs Fifty Eight Thousand One Hundred and Thirty only)
Total actual students strength in the corresponding academic year. 0 0 0

PCS Facilties: Facilities of physically challenged students
1. Do your institution buildings have Lifts/Ramps? Yes, in all the buildings
2. Does your institution have provision for walking aids, includingwheelchairs and transportation from one building to another for handicapped students? No
2. Do your institution have provision for walking aids, includingwheelchairs and transportation from one building to another for handicapped students? Yes, in all the buildings
3. Do your institution buildings have specially designed toilets for handicapped students? Yes, in all the buildings
5. Do you have Braille lab / special lab for blind / handicapped students? Yes
6. Do you have special facilities for blind students(such as text to audio convertor, screen magnification software, special provision for examination)? Yes

Faculty Details
SrnoNameAgeDesignationGenderQualificationExperience (In Months)Is Associated Last YearCurrently working with institution?Joining DateLeaving DateAssociation type
1Dr Archna Prasad39Associate ProfessorFemalePh.D205YesYes01-06-2000---Regular
2Dr Brinda Ramanujam40Assistant ProfessorFemalePh.D193YesYes18-06-2001---Regular
3Dr C S Srividhya Prathiba46Associate ProfessorFemalePh.D230YesYes18-06-2010---Regular
4Dr Chitra Margaret Dey35Assistant ProfessorFemalePh.D54YesYes10-09-2015---Regular
5Dr D Radha54Associate ProfessorFemalePh.D287YesYes21-07-1993---Regular
6Dr D S Latha43Assistant ProfessorFemalePh.D212YesYes06-06-2016---Regular
7Dr D Uthira45Associate ProfessorFemalePh.D269YesYes27-07-2006---Regular
8Dr E Nirupama41Associate ProfessorFemalePh.D176YesYes15-06-2015---Regular
9Dr Eugin Pathinathan Fernando58OtherMalePh.D300YesYes22-06-2010---Visiting
10Dr Fernandes Jeyashree Felix54Associate ProfessorFemalePh.D310YesYes07-06-1999---Regular
11Dr Gowri56OtherFemalePh.D288YesYes24-06-2008---Visiting
12Dr J K Latha53OtherFemalePh.D286YesYes06-06-2016---Regular
13Dr J Padmavathi45Assistant ProfessorFemalePh.D202YesYes09-06-2014---Regular
14Dr K Anupama 42Assistant ProfessorFemalePh.D37YesYes09-06-2014---Regular
15Dr K B Priya Iyer37Associate ProfessorFemalePh.D166YesYes03-05-2006---Regular
16Dr K Sindhu40Associate ProfessorFemalePh.D147YesYes01-06-2007---Regular
17Dr Kavin Mary38Assistant ProfessorFemalePh.D74YesYes06-06-2016---Regular
18Dr Lalitha Balakrishnan56Dean / Principal / Director / Vice ChancellorFemalePh.D287YesYes01-07-1997---Regular
19Dr M Hemalatha37Assistant ProfessorFemalePh.D95YesYes10-08-2009---Regular
20Dr Nirupa S Mogili36Assistant ProfessorFemalePh.D29YesYes16-06-2016---Regular
21Dr P Savitha45Assistant ProfessorFemalePh.D66YesYes01-07-2015---Regular
22Dr R A Rabika Begum44Associate ProfessorFemalePh.D260YesYes09-06-1997---Regular
23Dr R Preetha36Assistant ProfessorFemalePh.D84YesYes17-06-2013---Regular
24Dr R Rajeswari35Assistant ProfessorFemalePh.D47YesYes09-06-2014---Regular
25Dr R Sundari40Associate ProfessorFemalePh.D213YesYes13-06-2001---Regular
26Dr Radha Murugesan57Associate ProfessorFemalePh.D228YesYes15-07-1998---Regular
27Dr Rathi Chitra N35Assistant ProfessorFemalePh.D59YesYes13-06-2016---Regular
28Dr S Anurekha43Associate ProfessorFemalePh.D220YesYes01-06-1998---Regular
29Dr S Jaishree48Associate ProfessorFemalePh.D167YesYes01-06-2007---Regular
30Dr Sandhya Rajasekar51Associate ProfessorFemalePh.D189YesYes16-06-2004---Regular
31Dr Shakila P30Assistant ProfessorFemalePh.D13YesYes06-06-2016---Regular
32Dr Simmi Jain39Assistant ProfessorFemalePh.D56YesYes01-11-2012---Regular
33Dr Srilatha Pasricha30Assistant ProfessorFemalePh.D22YesNo15-06-201517-05-2017Regular
34Dr Sriram36OtherMalePh.D168YesYes01-09-2014---Visiting
35Dr Srividhya Mouli34Associate ProfessorFemalePh.D109YesNo15-06-201517-04-2017Regular
36Dr Sudha Krishnakumar52Assistant ProfessorFemalePh.D59YesYes23-06-2014---Regular
37Dr Sudha Trivedi51Assistant ProfessorFemalePh.D61YesYes21-05-2013---Regular
38Dr Sumangala Devi K C49Associate ProfessorFemalePh.D259YesYes15-06-2015---Regular
39Dr Susan Sridhar52Assistant ProfessorFemalePh.D262YesYes01-07-2015---Regular
40Dr U Kavitha45Associate ProfessorFemalePh.D177YesYes15-06-2015---Regular
41Dr U Nisha30Assistant ProfessorFemalePh.D97YesYes22-06-2009---Regular
42Dr V Devika 54Associate ProfessorFemalePh.D240YesNo16-06-199727-01-2017Regular
43Mr Arun Kumar Davey50OtherMaleMBA300YesYes23-06-2011---Visiting
44Mr Kamaljit Singh42OtherMaleB.COM162YesYes04-07-2012---Regular
45Mr Mohanasundaram60OtherFemaleC.S.276YesYes13-06-2008---Visiting
46Mr Pattabiraman68OtherMaleMBA468YesYes20-06-2013---Visiting
47Mr Prabakaran S37OtherMaleB.A132YesYes24-08-2006---Regular
48Mr Rajesh V49OtherMaleMBA324YesYes16-06-2009---Visiting
49Mr T R Chandrasekhar52OtherFemaleB.Sc.220YesYes20-10-2000---Regular
50Mr V Krishnakumar45OtherMaleB.A179YesYes25-08-2002---Regular
51Ms A Amudha32OtherFemaleMBA79YesYes21-01-2011---Regular
52Ms A Angayarkanni43Associate ProfessorFemaleSLET252YesYes22-07-1996---Regular
53Ms A Haripriya36Assistant ProfessorFemaleNET96YesYes07-07-2015---Regular
54Ms A Latha49Assistant ProfessorFemaleM. Phil84YesNo15-06-201531-03-2017Regular
55Ms A Muthulakshmi44Assistant ProfessorFemaleSLET228YesYes15-07-2001---Regular
56Ms A Uma Maheswari52Associate ProfessorFemaleSLET240YesYes07-07-1997---Regular
57Ms Aditi A Samant31Assistant ProfessorFemaleNET85YesYes14-06-2010---Regular
58Ms Akila Somuthevan43Assistant ProfessorFemaleSLET130YesYes09-06-2014---Regular
59Ms Alamelu M R28Assistant ProfessorFemaleM. Phil41YesYes15-06-2015---Regular
60Ms Anuradha Prashant37OtherFemaleMBA84YesYes29-04-2016---Visiting
61Ms Arpita Maitra35Assistant ProfessorFemaleSLET54YesYes09-06-2014---Regular
62Ms Arthi Jayaram34Assistant ProfessorFemaleSLET61YesYes15-06-2012---Regular
63Ms C S Padmasini42Assistant ProfessorFemaleM. Phil163YesYes16-06-2005---Regular
64Ms Channi Chatali29Assistant ProfessorFemaleM.A8YesNo14-11-201631-10-2017Regular
65Ms Elisha Abraham27Assistant ProfessorFemaleM.COM13YesNo01-07-201615-10-2017Regular
66Ms G Srimadhura 29Assistant ProfessorFemaleSLET36YesNo12-11-201430-09-2016Regular
67Ms G Vasantha24Assistant ProfessorFemaleSLET8YesYes01-12-2016---Regular
68Ms Gavoury R47Associate ProfessorFemaleM. Phil285YesYes26-06-1995---Regular
69Ms Gayathri E30Assistant ProfessorFemaleNET39YesNo10-11-201431-10-2017Regular
70Ms Gayathri Krishnamoorthy33Assistant ProfessorFemaleM.A49YesYes17-06-2013---Regular
71Ms Gitanjali Jindger39Associate ProfessorFemaleSLET191YesYes11-07-2001---Regular
72Ms Haripriya C45OtherFemaleNET171YesYes13-07-2009---Regular
73Ms I Josephine Maria Bernadette26Assistant ProfessorFemaleNET34YesYes15-06-2015---Regular
74Ms J Hemalatha46Assistant ProfessorFemaleSLET48YesNo10-11-201431-10-2016Regular
75Ms Jamuna Chezhian R41Assistant ProfessorFemaleSLET162YesYes06-06-2016---Regular
76Ms Jayalakshmi E25Assistant ProfessorFemaleSLET13YesYes06-06-2016---Regular
77Ms Jayanthi J39Assistant ProfessorFemaleSLET190YesYes01-06-2006---Regular
78Ms K Rachel25Assistant ProfessorFemaleSLET37YesYes09-06-2014---Regular
79Ms K Sree Monica26Assistant ProfessorFemaleNET45YesNo17-06-201331-03-2017Regular
80Ms Keerthana Arunachalam23Assistant ProfessorFemaleM.A8YesNo06-06-201621-03-2017Regular
81Ms Kiran Varma48Associate ProfessorFemaleNET264YesYes11-06-1996---Regular
82Ms Lakshmi Ganesh44Assistant ProfessorFemaleM.COM252YesYes06-06-2016---Regular
83Ms Lakshmipriya K38Assistant ProfessorFemaleNET56YesYes15-06-2015---Regular
84Ms M Nisha27Assistant ProfessorFemaleSLET60YesYes15-06-2012---Regular
85Ms M Vijayalakshmi37Assistant ProfessorFemaleNET163YesYes01-07-2004---Regular
86Ms N Krupa32Assistant ProfessorFemaleNET62YesYes09-06-2014---Regular
87Ms N Meenakshi45Assistant ProfessorFemaleNET246YesYes15-11-2012---Regular
88Ms Nishkala S28Assistant ProfessorFemaleSLET72YesYes15-07-2011---Regular
89Ms Niveditha KV27Assistant ProfessorFemaleNET13YesYes06-06-2016---Regular
90Ms Pavitra M Davey28Assistant ProfessorFemaleM.COM13YesYes06-06-2016---Regular
91Ms Preetha Rewins41Assistant ProfessorFemaleNET34YesYes15-06-2015---Regular
92Ms Priyanka Sharma31Assistant ProfessorFemaleNET75YesYes11-12-2015---Regular
93Ms Priyavadhani M35Assistant ProfessorFemaleNET111YesYes19-11-2005---Regular
94Ms R Anupama27Assistant ProfessorFemaleM. Phil37YesYes16-06-2014---Regular
95Ms R Anusha40Assistant ProfessorFemaleSLET138YesYes08-06-2009---Regular
96Ms R Jayalakshmi44Assistant ProfessorFemaleSLET203YesYes02-06-2008---Regular
97Ms RA Ghayathri Swetha Kumari30Assistant ProfessorFemaleSLET74YesYes22-06-2016---Regular
98Ms Ramasaranya T43Assistant ProfessorFemaleNET60YesYes15-06-2015---Regular
99Ms Ramya Raman37Assistant ProfessorFemaleMBA72YesYes13-07-2011---Regular
100Ms Remyasree M29Assistant ProfessorFemaleNET36YesYes16-06-2015---Regular
101Ms S Anusha38Assistant ProfessorFemaleM. Phil25YesYes15-06-2015---Regular
102Ms S Gowri43Assistant ProfessorFemaleSLET176YesYes22-08-2012---Regular
103Ms S Krishnaveni53Associate ProfessorFemaleM. Phil301YesYes08-06-1992---Regular
104Ms S Sasikaladevi42Assistant ProfessorFemaleNET187YesYes02-06-2008---Regular
105Ms Sakthi Kumaresh44Associate ProfessorFemaleM. Phil205YesYes14-06-2000---Regular
106Ms Sangeetha Manoj39Assistant ProfessorFemaleSLET210YesYes17-06-2004---Regular
107Ms Sathyabama Oppili46Assistant ProfessorFemaleM. Phil133YesYes10-06-2006---Regular
108Ms Sini Jadeesh36Assistant ProfessorFemaleNET106YesYes24-09-2012---Regular
109Ms Smrithi Murali25Assistant ProfessorFemaleM. Phil25YesYes14-11-2016---Regular
110Ms Subthiga M33Assistant ProfessorFemaleM. Phil60YesNo16-06-201631-10-2017Regular
111Ms Suguna Kasinathan38Assistant ProfessorFemaleNET106YesYes06-06-2016---Regular
112Ms Swapna K30OtherFemaleCA60YesYes19-10-2016---Visiting
113Ms Swetha Sundararajan25Assistant ProfessorFemaleSLET37YesYes09-06-2014---Regular
114Ms T Sunitha Rani42Associate ProfessorFemaleM. Phil192YesYes25-07-2001---Regular
115Ms V Sindhu40Assistant ProfessorFemaleSLET210YesYes01-06-2005---Regular
116Ms V Sudha50Associate ProfessorFemaleSLET306YesYes22-06-1996---Regular
117Ms Vidya Padmanabhan42Assistant ProfessorFemaleNET61YesYes19-06-2012---Regular
118Ms Vijayalakshmi Sailapathy46Assistant ProfessorFemaleM. Phil192YesYes01-07-2001---Regular