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Student Activities

A Forum for Learning Outside The Classroom

Twelve Student-managed Clubs function actively within and outside the college, besides service-oriented groups and cultural associations. They serve the primary purpose of enriching young minds, by liberating them from the monotony of classroom teaching and offering scope through a wide variety of other academic ventures.

The main objectives of these clubs are to

  • Bring out the innate talents
  • Develop managerial skills such as
  • Planning
  • Organisation
  • Co-ordination
  • Performance
  • Evaluation
  • Inculcate the spirit of team work
  • Mould overall personality


  • Druckers Progeny Club – Business Administration
  • Busi Bee Club – Accounting & Finance
  • Kotlerz Klan – Marketing Management
  • Elite Club – Corporate Secretaryship
  • Prakriti Club –Food Science Management
  • Online Club – Information Technology
  • Phi-Beta Club – Mathematics
  • People’s Club – Sociology
  • Create Club – Visual Communication
  • Montage Club – Electronic Media
  • Present Tense Club – Journalism
  • Painthamizh Mandram – Tamil Department
  • Manjari – Hindi Department
  • Sarasvata Samiti – Sanskrit Department
  • Facettes – French Department
  • Atheneum – English Department

Events Organised by the Clubs

  • Paper presentations
  • Essay Writing
  • Oratoricals
  • Quiz
  • Crossword
  • Designing Office Interiors (Layout)
  • Mock Interviews
  • Mock Court
  • Event Management
  • Strategy Specialist
  • Ad Zap
  • Market Promotion Strategy
  • JAM
  • Theme Animation
  • Creative Writing
  • Hardware Troubleshooting and Installation
  • Role-Play
  • Specify In & Out
  • Case Study
  • Prototype Development
  • Banker’s Fund
  • Brain Squeezer
  • Ad Designing
  • Crisis Management
  • Stock Wars
  • Creative Zenith
  • Budget Preparation
  • Resume Writing

Even the average student is motivated to perform to her ‘Personal Best.’

An Opportunity to Translate Creativity in Print

An urge to express one’s ideas, views and to share information is universal. It is followed by an aspiration to publish them. Journals fulfill this need. M.O.P Vaishnav College for Women publishes a series of annual journals that are completely conceptualized and executed by the students, with effective guidance from the department faculty. Students take up the responsibility of writing articles, selecting, editing, designing and publishing the journal.

The concept of publishing journals serves the main purpose of rendering the students a chance to focus their thoughts by organizing and clarifying details. It also fulfils their aspirations to publish their well thought out ideas. It seeks to foster the research spirit in students by serving as a record of their investigation and findings.

Apart from articles of a factual nature, imaginative and creative writings are also encouraged.

The following skills of students are sharpened through this exercise;

  • Conceptualizing Skills
  • Editing Skills
  • Writing Skills
  • Journalistic Skills
  • Research Skills
  • Visualizing Skills
  • Analytical Skills
  • Production Skills



  • ‘M Power’ – Business Administration
  • ‘Annual Thematic’ – Accounting and Finance
  • ‘Publicit’ – Marketing Management
  • ‘Signet’ – Corporate Secretaryship
  • ‘Journal of Food Science’ – Food Science
  • ‘Computer Almanac’ – Information Technology
  • ‘Elixir’- Mathematics
  • ‘Spotlight’ – Sociology,
  • ‘Perspectives’ – Media
  • ‘Cynosure’ – Media
  • ‘Genesis’ – MBA
  • ‘Syndicate’ (staff journal) – M.B.A
  • ‘Vidiyal’ – Tamil Department
  • ‘Kshitij’ – Hindi Department
  • ‘Sankhadhvani’ – Sanskrit Department
  • ‘L Impressions’ – French Department
  • ‘Mozaic’ – English Department

Window to the World

Workshops are regularly conducted in the college to offer an opportunity for students to learn and interact with experts from their chosen field. These initiatives emphasize the importance of gaining additional skills from practiced professionals in the industry.

These are designed to enhance

  • Technical /hard skills
  • Personality related / soft skills


Some of the workshops that are organized on an ongoing basis relate to:-

  • Technical /hard skills
  • Understanding Corporate Financial statement
  • Hardware assembling
  • Content writing for Websites
  • Blog Writing
  • Ad Film Making
  • Computer Hardware and Graphics
  • Television Production
  • Editorial Practices
  • Script Writing
  • Abstract concepts in Mathematics and Computer Science
  • Drawing Skills
  • Multimedia
  • Micro-Processor and its applications
  • Project planning and Implementation
  • Personality related/soft skills
  • Anger management
  • Stress Management
  • Work Etiquette
  • Time Management
  • Communication Workshop for Freshers
  • Non-Verbal Communication
  • Self-Exploration and Self-Expression

The college strives to kindle the thirst for knowledge and updation in students by conducting seminars and conferences. These seminars are designed to provide an opportunity for students to interact with the ‘Best in the Business’ in order that they are a breast with the latest breakthroughs in their field of study. In the last five years the college has organized as many as 28 Seminars & Conferences:

International 3
National 9
State 9
Regional 7

M.O.P Vaishnav College for Women is a pioneer institution to promote a strong research culture among both faculty and students.

Faculty Research

The faculty of the college has participated in as many as 700 seminars, including 141 international. Paper presentations were made in 173 seminars including 2 international.

  • Allocated Rs.50 lakhs towards research
  • Dept. of Commerce upgraded as research dept – 5 completed and 9 pursuing
  • Allowance of Rs.2,500 in addition to 3 increments for Ph.D
  • Sponsorship to faculty to attend International and national Seminars
  • Workshop for faculty to promote research skills
  • Awards for best paper presentations


Student Research

The college has adopted tollering strategies to develop research skills among students:

  • Paper on research methodology included for UG courses.
  • Course on Research skills for all I year students.
  • Survey based research project as part of internal assessment.
  • Research dissertation for PG Course.
  • Publication of 13 student journals.


The Department of Food Science and Management has been recognized for its path-breaking research in the field of ‘Innovative New Product Development.’ The areas concentrated are :

  • Preserved Products
  • Extruded Products
  • Ready to cook Products
  • Ready to Eat Products

The college recognizes that a change of environment from school to college is crucial to any student. This process puts a variety of pressures and stress on a young teenager who is also in the process of transition from girlhood to womanhood.

To make this transformation smooth for every young girl who enters MOP, the college conducts an orientation program.

The student is inducted into the work culture, belief, expectations and value system of the institution

The College conducts a unique Finishing School Programme that equips the final year students to face the world outside college both as homemakers and career women. The main objective of this programme is to mould the students to be:

  • Open and broad-minded to accept changes in life.
  • Assets in their family and workplace.


Modules of Finishing School

Managing Home and Profession

  • Positive attitude
  • Be fruitfully occupied
  • Giving quality time to family
  • Learning to empathize
  • Avoiding ego clashes with life partner
  • Learning to adjust in the new home
  • Working at maintaining relationships
  • Striking a balance between career and family
  • Respecting the institution of ‘Marriage’


Ethics in the workplace

  • Values
  • Trustworthiness
  • Spontaneity
  • Respect others’ feelings
  • Be a role model



  • Hospitality
  • Pleasant demeanor
  • Conversation skills
  • Effective housekeeping
  • Table manners
  • Remembering important dates and sending wishes


Health and Hygiene

  • Healthy and balanced food
  • Overview of essential nutrients
  • Personal hygiene
  • First aid
  • Family Planning
  • Healthy Motherhood

Empowerment through an enriching dimension

M.O.P. Vaishnav College for Women is synonymous with ‘Jhankar’ and ‘Abilasha’, the annual cultural extravaganzas that bring out the competitive sprit of students. It’s main aim is to provide endeavors that facilitate the overall growth of students, as mere intellectual accomplishments would result in lopsided development.

Every student has a singer, dancer or debater within her. To bring to the fore these hidden talents, is the responsibility of the college. The college not only recognizes this role, but also wants each of its students to become an ambassador of our cultural heritage, which is being forgotten in today’s fast paced life.


Identification of talent within the college begins with ‘Abhilasha’ – a three day talent scout held for the freshers. Besides finding latent talents in the first year students, this event serves as an ice breaker making the new students feel at home immediately. The freshers are all set to impress their seniors and the bonding is created instantaneously. Every fresher is reassured that she is in the right place.


‘Jhankar’, a cultural extravaganza is the most awaited event among the student community. It is an occasion for them to showcase their knowledge of the country’s music, dance and various other art forms. It also provides them a platform to test their skills in event management. The students are excited and challenged by this opportunity.

This annual feature of the college includes intra-mural and inter-collegiate competitions which are fiercely contested ensuring maximum participation. The high point, however, is the host show on a non-competitive basis – the cream of M.O.P. at their best.

The extra cultural activities function with the main aim of providing:

  • A platform to showcase their talents and skills
  • A healthy spirit of free and fair competition
  • The attitude to be generous winners and gracious losers
  • An opportunity to develop event management skills
  • The feeling of pride in one’s cultural heritage