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ED Cell


The Entrepreneurship development cell of M.O.P.Vaishnav College for women aims at nurturing the spirit of entrepreneurship amongst students by providing a platform for challenging minds to think differently and experience entrepreneurship through hands on learning.

The cell was named as ,’EXPLORE’ with a tag line “The entrepreneur in you”. EXPLORE serves as a catalyst for Entrepreneurship Information Dissemination, Space for Innovation and Idea Generation, A medium to assess opportunities for ideas and a mentoring platform. Recognizing that entrepreneurial culture can be developed only through appropriately designed activities, over the years EXPLORE has organized several lectures, workshops, entrepreneurship games , real time business experience and business plan competitions for the participants to germinate as entrepreneurs and contribute to India economic growth. The ED cell grooms the students into job providers instead of job seekers.


  • To promote an entrepreneurial eco system on campus
  • To organize lectures, panel discussions, workshops featuring entrepreneurs, professionals, government and non government officials.
  • To organize, competitions to unleash the entrepreneurial potential among students.
  • To leverage good student projects as one day business.
  • To provide functional space for student led start ups.
  • To collaborate with entrepreneurship promotion agencies, organizations and bodies.
  • To support the institutes social entrepreneurship initiatives in promoting entrepreneurship among economically weak college students, children, underprivileged women and Self help groups.



These programs are normally designed as short-term programs with durations ranging between half a day to two days at regular intervals where eminent bankers, entrepreneurs, marketing executives and entrepreneurship educators deliver lectures and share their experiences. This program aims at motivating the students to pursue entrepreneurship and in sharpening entrepreneurial traits and behavior. The program also focuses on growth strategies for small and medium enterprise management, changing government policies and procedures, emerging technologies, market formats globally. The participants are also given inputs in the areas like Enterprise Planning, Enterprise Promotion, Enterprise Management and enterprise logistic. The participants also interact with successful entrepreneurs and visit few industries to understand the operation of business venture.

Details of Year, Programme and No.of Students participated

Explore the opportunities in Domestic Market
No. of students:350

“Entrepreneurship a means for wealth creation”
No. of students: 300

“Innovation & Creativity in Entrepreneurship”
No. of students: 250

Entrepreneurship “Road to Success”
No. of students: 200

New generation entrepreneurs
No. of students: 150

Women empowerment through entrepreneurship
No. of students: 80

Break way into business “Its a way of life”
No. of students: 65

Youth Entrepreneurship
No. of students: 40

Entrepreneurship – a paying alternative to unemployment
No. of students: 20

Entrepreneurship as a career option
No. of students: 20

Business opportunities for self-employment
No. of students: 46

In its quest to create independent and quality-conscious women to contribute to the society, M.O.P. Vaishnav College for Women launched a mock company: “Akriti – Kreativity at its best”, the first of its kind. Floated and run by the students of Department of B.Com Corporate Secretaryship, Akriti’s USP is identifying the need of the hour and striking the market with the appropriate supply. The business deals with making of designer bags and customized accessories, rejuvenation of apparels, product packaging and event management, both within and outside the college.

Founded and promoted by a group of 13 students, the company imparts practical knowledge of how to operate a company with a proper hierarchy, with its own Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association. ‘Akriti’ hones the marketing, advertising, communication, leadership and other inter-personal skills of the students, thus instigating the spirit in them to become successful women entrepreneurs in future.


The official operation of the company started on September 13th, 2007. The initial public offer from the company attracted nearly 517 shares from 197 shareholders. The shareholders include not only the Students and Teachers of the college, but also the Board of Governors of M.O.P. Vaishnav College.

The successful journey of ‘Akriti’ has featured in programmes of various media houses like The Hindu Downtown, Kalaignar TV, Jaya Plus and Aval Vigadan.

The highlight of ‘Akriti’ is that it has declared 100% dividend to its shareholders for two consecutive years.

A platform to show case the entrepreneurial skills of the students. The stalls are operated only by the students who offer a plethora of products ranging from art pieces, Handicrafts, cosmetics, garments, footwear, leather products and mouth smacking food delicacies. The bazaar is open to the public and attracts nearly 10,000 and more visitors.