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B.Sc. Food Science and Management


The School of Food Science offers a unique course, B.Sc. Food Science and Management, which is an amalgamation of food, nutrition and management. First of its kind in the country, the course has been designed for students who are interested in acquiring expertise in food science and entrepreneurship.


The School of Food Science is in constant synergy with the food industry to understand its requirements. It encourages the students to conduct research projects, develop new products and also supports the students to present papers at various research platforms like National and International Seminars and Conferences.


Candidates for admission to B.Sc. Food Science and Management course shall be required to possess a pass in the Higher Secondary Examination of Tamil Nadu Board or an equivalent examination of any other board.


B.Sc. Food Science and Management

Semester -I

  • Basics of Food Preparation
  • Principles of Management
  • Physical Sciences of Food

Semester -II

  • Food Science I
  • Basic Physiology
  • Food Chemistry

Semester -III

  • Food Science II
  • Food Microbiology
  • Food Merchandising
  • Introductory Nutrition
  • Baking Sciences and Techniques

Semester -IV

  • Marketing Research and Consumer Behaviour
  • Food Sanitation and Quality Control
  • Food Analysis
  • Nutritional Biochemistry

Semester -V

  • Therapeutic Nutrition
  • Nutrition and Menu Development
  • Food Packaging
  • Food Design
  • Diet Counselling

Semester -VI

  • Principles of Food Processing and Preservation
  • Food Entrepreneurship
  • Post-Harvest Technology
  • Food Supply Chain Management 


  • Bakery Laboratory
  • Food Analytical and Instrumentation Laboratory
  • Research Laboratory
  • Food Preparation Laboratory

Food Preparation Laboratory


  • Visual Aids
  • Demonstration Experiments
  • Case Study
  • Role Play
  • E– Resources
  • Research based learning
  • Guest Lectures
  • Peer teaching
  • Article review
  • Home experiments
  • Group discussion

Beyond Breads– a small scale business venture runs entirely by the students to develop managerial skills to become entrepreneurs

Foodsafety auditEnsuring safe and hygienic food in the campus

Mass production and sale of packaged preserved food products– Helps product standardization, enhances efficiency in work, trains on detailed material flow, careful control of quality standards and division of labour


  • Britannia Industries Ltd.
  • Nestle India Ltd.
  • ITC Limited
  • Aachi Masala
  • Aavin
  • Nandhini
  • Hindustan Unilever Pvt. Ltd.
  • Quality and Food Safety Consultancy
  • Amul Mother Dairy
  • Perfetti Van Melle
  • Hatsun Agro Foods
  • Wild Flavours, Dubai
  • Ltd.
  • Mother Dairy Fruit and Vegetable Processing Pvt Ltd. 


  • Food Entrepreneurs
  • Skill Trainers
  • Freelance Nutritionist
  • Product Development Officer
  • Food Business Operator
  • Quality Control Officer
  • Research Officer
  • Culinary Consultant
  • Product Manager
  • Flavour/ Fragrance Analyst
  • Nutrition Officer
  • Food Safety Consultancy
  • Diet Counsellor
  • Research and Development


  • Ranchana I,(B.Sc. FSM 2016-19)Cake Batter
  • Mahalakshmi S, (B.Sc. FSM 2014-17) Pastry Joint- Home based cooking of all baked products
  • Kripaali S, (B.Sc. FSM 2016-19) The Bakers Street – Home baking, chocolates and chocolate bouquet
  • Srimathi Krishnan,(B.Sc. FSM 2015-18)Your Lil Store – Handmade happiness
  • Architha R: (B.Sc. FSM 2015-18)Achu’s Choco Chews – Customized home-made gifts for chocoholics
  • Pooja Mohan: (B.Sc. FSM 2013-16) Makes all types of home baked goodies with a healthy touch
  • Parichita A, (B.Sc. FSM 2015-18)Confection ConnectionExotic luxury chocolates, baked products along with gift packaging
  • Veena P: (B.Sc. FSM 2015-2018): Bakes on order variety of cakes and baked items.
  • Thirumagal M: (B.Sc. FSM 2016-19): Cream and Confetti, Sivakasi: Home baker, bakes cakes, cookies and variety of confectionery.


The Journal of Food and Nutrition supports a spectrum of new concepts through in-depth research studies. It is a compilation of topics vital to the food industry today, and pin points the trends in future research and development along with latest students’ research work conducted at the School of Food Science.


School of Food Science conducts National/International conferences/seminars/workshops/ symposium/guest lecturers every year with scientific sessions from experts in the field, serving as a platform for the students, researchers and professionals to come together, exchange ideas, refresh and broaden knowledge as well as explore new opportunities.


The faculty and the students are active members in National bodies like Association of Food Scientists and Technologists (AFST(I)), Indian Dietetic Association (IDA), Nutrition Society of India (NSI), Indian Science Congress which facilitate them to join hands with the food industry, technologists, scientists, academicians and researchers and work in unison.


  1. Students have presented research posters since 2008, at various National & International conferences and won prizes.
  2. The SKA in association with FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India) organized an Asia level quiz competition on food safety. Rand Sowmya. R of III B.Sc Food Science and Management,secured the 1st place in Chennai zone andrecognized as Food Safety Prefect and in that capacity has been assigned roles for promotion of food safety in their neighborhood, educational institution and among peers.

Alumni speak

Poojasree K M:  B.SC. FSM 2013-2016: I’ve always aspired to become a food entrepreneur and that was the rationale behind my choice to take up Food Science and Management. The course offered a perfect balance between the science behind food and the skills needed to market it. It was the whole kit and caboodle for my aspirations. We were introduced to many aspects of food as a product such as Food Microbiology, Food Packaging, Food Management etc. Alongside the core topics, we also got the opportunity to hone our skills in baking, business model developmentand personality development amongst the many others. After my graduation, I learnt more extensively about baking and it would be safe to say that because I had the food science foundation, I better understood the ingredients and there working in the recipe which affects the final product. This knowledge helped me in tweaking the recipes for new inventions. I would highly recommend the course to anyone who wishes to choose food line as their career option.

Swarnalakshmi: B.SC.FSM 2015 – 2018: The teaching method was very good and the teachers made sure that we understood the topic, and also took the time and effort to clear our doubts. Additionally, Beyond Breads – An initiative to develop the students Entrepreneurship skills, was undertaken so that we as students got to know the planning and financial tactics involved in making and selling a product. We had the opportunity to participate in various national level seminars and competitions. The college and the department always made sure the students are engaged with activities and events at all times. The exposure they gave me will always help me in my future endeavours. I was placed in one of the top company during the campus placements which wouldn’t have been possible without my department. Thanks to my department and M.O.P. for making education fun and valuable.

Srikala Kumar: B.SC.FSM 2014 – 2017:A Bachelor’s degree in Food science and Management at the School of Food Science had helped me to gain an understanding of the disciplines involved in the food industry. Not just coursework, but some of the practical experiences such as internship and research project had helped me to develop the skills necessary for the workplace. By the end of the degree, I was confident in pursuing higher studies in the same field. I am glad that I had chosen to study here.