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B.Sc. Electronic Media


The Department of Electronic Media is one closest to the media industry. Established in 2002, it aims at providing technical knowledge – theoretical and practical, of various disciplines of media. The focus is on providing students with an in-depth understanding of the audio and visual media, along with strong software backing. The course guides students through the nuances of conceptualization and scripting radio and television programmes, photography, production design, editing, CGI and the use of green matte.


The Department believes in creating media professionals with maximum hands-on experiences. Apart from the intense theoretical knowledge on the format, style and form of a programme (audio/video), the students also engage in numerous seminars, workshops, field visits and are encouraged to take up internships to understand the real deal of the industry. The students get a chance to implement their theoretical knowledge by creating shows for the community radio station MOP CRS 107.8FM, scripting, directing and editing short films and documentaries, and enhancing their productions through animation and CGI.

The course has kept itself abreast with the changing market environment and market demands. The department is managed by highly-qualified and experienced faculty with world-class infrastructural support to help create a dynamic educational network where professionalism is instilled. The syllabus is exhaustive and current. It has been designed to suffice industry expectations. Through this course, a student not only learns the process of production in great detail but is also made aware of the ethics and responsibilities of the industry.


Several workshops were conducted by media professionals from the industry, this year (2017-18) to provide students with insights and expertise. Few notable mentions of the workshops conducted include:

  • Ad filmmaking by Mr. Praveen Kumar
  • Digital photographic techniques by Ms. Mayuri Naguleswaran
  • Radio production techniques by Mr. Thiyagarajan
  • Theatre workshop by Mr. Karthik Krishnakumar
  • Video Jockeying by Mr.Erode Mahesh
  • News anchoring by Mr. Karthigaichelvam
  • Art of set designing by Ms.Shanmathi
  • Dubbing techniques by Ms.Manasi
  • Comedy script writing by Mr.Jagan Krishnan

Stand up comedian, Karthick Krishnakumar, in conversation with the students.

MOP Model United Nations, a simulation of United Nations, where student-delegates across the country participate to debate and discuss world issues of global concern.

Executive board members of M.O.P MUN 2019

Montage, the department club, also conducts Intramural Competitions for the students to make learning more engaging and to induce the spirit of sportsmanship.

Events of the Montage club


  • Development of Electronic Media
  • Audiography
  • Understanding Visual Media
  • Radio Production
  • 2D- Graphics
  • Basics of Production Design
  • Photography
  • Television Production
  • Media, Culture and Society
  • Visual Sociology
  • Videography
  • Media Anchoring
  • Scripting for Electronic Media
  • Broadcast Law and Ethics
  • Interactive Multimedia
  • Media Aesthetics
  • 3D Basics and Special Effects
  • Video editing
  • Ad Production
  • Film Studies
  • Media Management
  • Appreciation and Analytical Study of Media


  • Cinematographer
  • Editor
  • Producer/Directors
  • Set Designers
  • Animation Artists
  • Content Developers
  • Illustrators
  • Script Writers
  • Jingle Artist
  • Sound Engineers
  • RJ’s / Anchor