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Name                                            Dr. K.Sindhu
Qualification                               M.Com. , M.Phil. , Ph.D
Field of Specialization                Accountancy, Financial Management and                                                                              Law
Years of Experience                   14 years
Designation                                 Head & Associate Professor
Name                                           Ms . S.Sasikala Devi
 Qualification                             M.Com. , M.Phil. , M.B.A
Field of Specialization              Accountancy, Income Tax and Law
Years of Experience                 18 years
Designation                               Assistant Professor
Name                                            Ms . Sumangala Devi
Qualification                               M.Com. , M.Phil. , M.B.A, Ph.D
Field of Specialization               Accountancy, Financial Management and


Years of Experience                   23 years
Designation                                 Associate Professor
Name                                            Ms. S. Gowri
Qualification                               M.Com. , M.Phil.
Field of Specialization                Auditing , Indirect Tax and Law
Years of Experience                   16 years
Designation                                 Assistant Professor