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Research Cell


List of Ph.D. Students – ongoing

S.No. Name of the Candidate Name of the Guide Research Topic Part/ Full Time D.O.A.
1 Ms. Hemalatha J Dr. Lalitha Balakrishnan Consumer values and product benefits: A Study to understand the average Indian Consumers’ Consumption Behaviour Part time 11.07.2014
2 Ms. V. Sudha Dr. Lalitha Balakrishnan Service Quality and Customer satisfaction – Banking Industry Part time 2014
3 Ms. Gayathri G Dr. Lalitha Balakrishnan Human Resource Management Part time 11.07.2014
4 Ms. Ramya Raman Dr. Lalitha Balakrishnan Health care leadership ethics Part time 2016
5 Ms. Geetanjali Jindger Dr. Lalitha Balakrishnan Branding Part time 2018
6 Ms. M. Jabeen Dr. Lalitha Balakrishnan Talent Management Part time 30.08.2010
7 Ms. Pavitra M Davey Dr. Lalitha Balakrishnan A Study on perception  of brands among different categories of people Full time 19.03.2012

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