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B.Sc Psychology

B.Sc Psychology

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The Undergraduate studies of Psychology  incepted in the year 2016, aims at empowering  students  to  lead  and  effect  positive  change  in  the  world  by instructing ethical, systematic study of behavior & mental processes, and its application to community & global issues with intellectual engagement and academic excellence.

Career Prospects in Psychology

The  Department  considers  employability  to  be  a  key  aim  within  its programme  delivery.  Psychology  is  broad  discipline,  essentially  spanning subject  matter  from  biology  to  sociology  concerned  with  behavior,  in  both human and animals.

Psychology is a tremendous field evolving new approaches from established knowledge  to  changing  needs  of  people,  organizations  and  societies.  The field of Psychology encompasses both research and practice in diverse fields like  Clinical,  Counseling,  Education,  Forensics,  Health,  Sports,  Special education,  Industries,  Oncology,  Palliative  care,  Environmental  science, Evolutionary  science,  Psychometrics,  Neuropsychology,  Media,  Military, Civil services, Rehabilitation centers with hundreds of career path.

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