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B.Sc. Mathematics

Mathematics – The Root & Route to Success

B.Sc. Mathematics course provides a platform to understand the fundamental concepts, develop logical, analytical, heuristic, lateral thinking skills and apply mathematical techniques in various spheres of life. The multidisciplinary and application oriented curriculum caters to students with specific interest in Mathematics, Computer Science, Actuaries, Banking, Finance and Insurance.


  • To provide a strong conceptual knowledge and develop applicable skills
  • To inculcate research and journalistic skills
  • To create a self-sustained and empowered woman
  • To blossom with a humane heart


  • Core papers provide a strong foundation in mathematics and emphasize on the applications in varied fields.
  • Papers Mathematical Modelling and Fuzzy Mathematics instills research and applicable skills in students.
  • To bridge the gap between Academia and the IT Industry, Allied papers C Programming and Computer Oriented Numerical Methods are included in the curriculum.
  • Elective papers, Mathematics for Life Insurance and Financial Mathematics help the students to pursue their career in Actuaries, Banking, Finance and Insurance.
  • Number Theory & Cryptography provides the base for Internet Security and Coding theory.


*Algebra and Trigonometry                                  *Differential Calculus

*Integral Calculus and Fourier series                    *Vector Analysis and Co-ordinate

Geometry of Three dimensions

*Differential Equations and Applications             *Discrete Mathematics

*Mechanics                                                            *Mathematical Statistics with Practical

using ‘R’

*Modern Algebra                                                   *Optimization Techniques

*C Programming                                                    *Real Analysis

*Graph Theory                                                       * Complex Analysis

*Integral Transforms and Applications


  • Mathematical Modelling
  • Fuzzy Mathematics
  • Computer Oriented Numerical Methods
  • Financial Mathematics
  • Mathematics for Life Insurance
  • Number Theory and Cryptography


  • PHP and MYSQL
  • Data Management using Spread Sheets
  • Software Testing
  • Basic Accounting with Accounting Software

π – β CLUB

The π – β Club is a platform to scout the inherent talents of students and provides an opportunity to develop their latent skills in co-curricular activities. To enhance the logical and heuristic skills, Intramural and Intercollegiate competitions with several thought provoking activities are conducted. Students participate in various intercollegiate competitions and bring laurels. To enrich the students’ intellect, State/National level conferences and Workshops are organized where eminent academicians and experts from industry share their expertise.


Creative and journalistic skills of the students are enhanced through the department journal ‘ELIXIR’.


Students enthusiastically participate in,  “GANITH DAAN” and                        “PAGIR – KNOWLEDGE SHARING” where remedial teaching is undertaken to impart conceptual knowledge in Mathematics  and develop the holistic skills of the underprivileged  children of M.O.P. Vaishnav Primary School, Triplicane and Assumption Higher Secondary School, Nungambakkam. 


The multidisciplinary curriculum, technical and soft skills training imparted has yielded 100% placements through the placement cell of the college.

* WIPRO                               * CTS

* RBS                                     * HCL

* TCS                                     * IBM

* INFOSYS                           * SATHYAM


 * IGATE                     


  • Ramya Radhakrishnan –   Business Analyst,

Syntel, USA

  • Ankitha Davey      –   Assistant Manager,

Bank of New York, Mellon

  • Arathi P              –   Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics

Dr. Abdur Rehman College, Chennai

  • Akshaya Ganesh       –   Pursuing M.B.A in IIM – A
  • Swetha S    –   Senior Associate,

Hey Math, The Hindu, Chennai

  • Nithya S                      –    Magistrate,

Tamil Nadu State Judicial Services


  • Vanipriya J          –   Chief Executive Officer,

The Code Place Technical Solutions, Chennai

  • Kamala           –    Managing Director,

Flamingo Fin Tech, Mumbai

  • Divya N          –    Founder,

Bejeweled Befab, Chennai

  • Ilakkiya Maran –  Founder,

Artesenia- The Memory Makers, Chennai


   A Mathematics Graduate from M.O.P. is a multifaceted, empowered woman

                   with a humane heart and can excel in diversified fields.


International Workshop on Statistical Analysis using R by

Dr. Nalini Ravishankar, Professor, University of Connecticut, USA


Symposium on Actuarial Science by Dr. Gaurav Khemka, Senior Lecturer. College of Business and Economics, Australian National University and Mr. R. Arunachalam, Chief Actuary, MS Cholamandalam

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