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B.Com. (Corporate Secretaryship)


The Department, through “Akriti”- mock company, identifies young vibrant minds with an entrepreneurial streak, tapping their potential and moulding them into future Corporate leaders.


  1. To impart Secretarial and Managerial skills.
  2. To provide knowledge that turns out high caliber, competent and versatile
  3. To create a simulation of a business environment to enable students in their future
    corporate endeavors.


In pursuance of M.O.P. Vaishnav’s forefront objective, wholesome development – the department of B.Com (Corporate Secretaryship) runs the Elite Club. The Elite Club conducts intra mural competitions which offer students an opportunity to explore their interests besides developing management and organisational skills. The club paves the way for students to be moulded into corporate personnel through competitions like

  • Stress Interview
  • Budgeting
  • Table Setting
  • Mock Court
  • Corporate Walk
  • New product Development

The events are judged by eminent professionals with a varied set of skills and expertise. This event is met with great enthusiasm by the students, every year.

SIGNET, an annual Journal, features articles, quizzes and case studies which are written, edited and compiled by the students of the department. The main purpose of this business journal is to ensure that students can track and review the changing environments and structures of the fast-developing world we live in.

Akriti – Kreativity at itz best, a mock company was floated by the students of the department on 13th of September, 2007. Akriti which was once started on a small scale basis to cater to the needs of the college students has now grown into a larger enterprise which raises capital through issue of shares to the students and faculty of the college. The underlying principle of the organisation is to give hands on experience for budding entrepreneurs in the arenas of purchases, sales, inventory maintenance and event management. IMPRESSIONZ, a subsidiary unit of the company runs an on campus stationery store competently managed by the students. Microsoft, Hyundai, Bosch, Mahindra City Developers, Bio Vedas are a few corporate who have been benefited by Akriti’s managerial services. As a result of the committed and team effort of the members of the company, Akriti has gone on to declare 100% dividend for a decade now. Besides, the company has also undertakes Corporate Social Responsibilities to help NGOs. Akriti looks forward to producing skilful and vivacious entrepreneurs in the years to come.

Academically the department is very well equipped with resources to meet student needs. Various specialisation papers are offered to the Students such as:

  • Drafting and Conveyancing
  • Legal system of business
  • Company Law.

Guest lectures are also organised to enable students to interact with professionals and in the process, the students gain an insider’s perspective of the corporate and legal world.

The department faculty have also been a part of multiple seminars, workshops and presentations at the intercollegiate as well as national level on

  • Business strategy
  • Demonetisation and GST – A game changer for the Textile Industry
  • Curriculum designing
  • Quality development of Higher Education

In order to enable students to equip themselves for the corporate world, students are encouraged to take up Institutional Training in the summer after the II year. During the academic year 2018, the students of the department were placed in the following companies:

  • Pick your Trail
  • Royal Bank of Scotland
  • Ramco Systems
  • ECS

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